The Take Back Squad
More hilarity from the minds at Skate 2 with Eric Koston, Terry Kennedy, and Rob Dyrdek.
Skate 2 Screenshots
Cardiel, Hsu, Carroll, Appleyard, and more!
Skate 2 Intro Video
Carroll, Dill, D. Way, Dyrdek, Busenitz, and more in this hilarious trailer.
Skate 2: What’s The Story?
Get to know the masterminds behind this year's story with this dev video on the game's...
etnies Skate 2 RVM
New game, new shoes, approved by Jason Dill.
EA Skate 2 picture
I think this a really good pic. of the new Skate 2 game(X-box 360,PS3,game not released yet).