Civilized Sundays: Best Of 2.2
Best Of Season 2: Part 2
Civilized Sundays: Best Of 2.1
Best Of Episode 2 part 1
Civilized Sundays: Premium Boys
A bit of footy from the Premium boys.
Civilized Sundays: Middle O’ May
The Civilized homeys are ready for a long hot summer.
Civilized Sundays: Marcus Savage & Georgie Tsushima
Civilized young buck Marcus Savage from Iowa & his friends.
Civilized Sundays: Respect Nuckols
Tjaden Brewer, Marko Jazbinsek, Robin Stoddard, Billy Roper, Ross Norman, Sierra...
Civilized Sundays: Manny Santiago & Dave Bachinsky
Manny Santiago and Dave Bachinsky were nice enough to get us...
Civilized Sundays: Mike Rosa Episode
Check out Mike Rosa and his homey Ross Norman on the streets of SoCal.
Sk8tique Sundays
Chany Jeanguenin, Lenny Rivas, and Karl Watson.
Civilized Sundays MishMash 3
Justin Schulte, JT Aultz, Aaron Snyder, Mike Franklin, Torey Pudwill, Brendon Hayward, Sean...
Civilized Sundays: Dayne Brummet Special
Dayne Brummet is sharing his part from The Deans List this week.
Civilized Sundays: MishMash Episode 2
P. Rod, Mikemo, Emmers, and more!
Civilized Sundays: Venice
The Civilized crew took it to Venice Beach.
Civilized Sundays: Season Finale
Peep the "Best Of" video and a slideshow from the first season.
Civilized Sundays: Westside L.A.
Westside L.A. with Emmers, Snyder, SAD, and more!
Civilized Sundays: Skatelab
Mikemo, Mclouth, and more at the Simi Valley Skatelab.