‘Parental Advisory’ International Extras
Enjoy these Parental Advisory extras from other countries.
Wade Desarmo ‘Parental Advisory’ Interview
Ben Oleynik caught up with Wade Desarmo to talk about his banging...
Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: DGK
Josh & Stevie, Marcus at Pier 7, Wade, TX, and more.
How To: Hardflip With Wade Desarmo
We got a step-by-step How To from Canada's Dirtiest Ghetto Kid, Wade Desarmo.
DGK Parental Advisory Photo Gallery
Check out this star-studded gallery of photos from the DGK stars, shot by the best...
Zumiez Couch Tour: DGK In Houston, Texas
Check out Stevie Williams, Rodrigo TX, Marquise Henry, Marcus McBride, Lenny...
A mega-montage of the AMMO family for Go Skateboarding Day: Guy, P-Rod, Manny, & more!
DGK At Zumiez Couch Tour
Almost all the DGK team attended this year's Zumiez Couch Tour, check the family at KayoTV.
Watch Stevie and Wade go through Barcelona nailing down their next parts for the DGK video
A Glimpse Of Wade Desarmo
DGK's own Wade Desarmo gives a Glimpse
Oliver Barton’s Top 4 DGYouTubes Of The Week
DGK YouTubes! Desarmo, Stevie, Kalis, and some aggressive graf.
Wade Desarmo On Vivo Headwear
Vivo headwear welcomes Wade Desarmo to the team joining Mark Appleyard, Spencer Hamilton,...
Zumiez Couch Tour 2010: DGK In San Jose
Stevie Williams, Josh Kalis, Marcus McBride and the rest of DGK head up to Nor...