2010 World Championships of Freestyle Skateboarding: September 18-19 Philadelphia, $5K Pro Purse!

Contest information:rnOpen to all who have flatland skateboarding skills!rn5 Divisions: Novice, Girls, Amateur, Pro, Master Division(40+)rn4 Events: Timed runs, Best Trick, Highest Ollie, Spin Contestrn*Please note, this is a two day event with a qualifier on Saturday and the finals on Sunday. Novice is only on Saturday.rnEntry Fee: Free, this event is a community based event to help promote skateboarding! We will be promoting various charities (Franklin\’s Paine, Grind for Life, Rizzo Rinks Rec. and All Nations Skate Jam) at this event so donations are always welcome! rnPre registration is suggested, see \”Sign up Form\” in the Title bar. rnTop riders in each division will receive product, Pros will also receive a portion of the purse in addition to product. rnwww.phillyfreestyle.com