Almost Happened

Wanting to get super gnarly last weekend, me and a friend took a trip to Murfresboro, TN from my town Burns which is like 2 an a half hours away. We stayed at a homies till the morning and I watched some videos to get me stoked. Next morning break of dawn, Game time. I chugged a brew a homie gave to me for breakfast and went straight to it! Once we got there, I realized it wasnt a joke! I have to get some. Could be history. 34 stretched stair! Not your ordinary. So, I decided I will just go for it fuck it… 50-50! I got on it like 60 times legitly and got to the bottom flying like fuck a few times then our camera cut off… After looking at tge footage the homie who filmed me didnt know his angles being such a big stairset! So, I plan on going back with a crew and getting a better photo and a hellaclip! Photo by: Jacklyn and Ripper: Tez Davis