2012 Martian Movement Prototype Abduction Tour

Martian Movement

“The Prototype Abduction” Tour
An Out of This World Experience!

In-Store/Free Outdoor Skatepark Locations
Social Event 6pm-9pm/10pm

Indoor Skatepark Locations
(Will need ticket for indoor skatepark events)
5:30pm to 12:00am
Scouting Session Starts at 6pm-9pm
Social Event 9pm-12am

“The Prototype Abduction” presented by Martian Movement, and other sponsors. This Event will be featuring a promotional scouting event for upcoming action sports athletes to be featured in a national promotional campaign for Martian Movement Co.

All participants must bring a video on jumpdrive, dvd, or cd of them doing one of the following sports for submission at in-store locations. There will also be a demo session in all free outdoor and indoor skatepark outlets where we will watch and scout potential athletes directly at the venue. The indoor skatepark events will also be a social event where DJ’s play dance music.

See martianmovement.com for details on event dates and locations.

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