A Day At The Park Skateboard Film

Skating at skateparks is hands down about having fun. A Day At The Park is a portrait of the skateboard scene from over 30 skateparks in the greater Seattle area.

Scheduled to release August 2009. DVD will be available on allyvideo.com.

The film covers the parks themselves and the locals who skate them, shot by some of the most involved skateboard filmers in the area. The film packs some of the most memorable and innovative feats that have occured across a six year timespan and paints a picture of what the Seattle skate scene is like from the perspective of it’s local parks. In addition to the feature film, the DVD contains an in-depth guide of each featured park including location information, detailed photos and bonus footage. Also included are a gallery showcasing the film talent in the area and a section to appreciate the shops and industry that support the Sea-town skate culture.