Crew of Roses

This was our entry for the YOUnited Nations 2 contest. We skated and filmed all over Portland, OR and Denver, CO. It was rejected, but we thought it would be fun to share it with everyone anyway. Hope you guys enjoy!

Skaters (In order of appearance)

Matt Pennington
Jonathan Bastian
Gabe McCoy
Mikey Calcagno
Ben Sauer
Michael Davis
Evan Kuzava

Film/Edit : Darren Dyk

Additional Filming: Carl Larson & Andrew Smith

Thanks to everyone who put in hard work! And get well soon James! (Our good friend James Holk broke his ankle while filming for this video)


Oh and as a fun side note, this was filmed almost entirely with canon DSLR cameras T2i and 60D. A few clips were VX1000 and one was HVX200.