Friends Section – Killa Camra

This is the friends section in our first, official full-length video “Killa Camra” (2007).

Featuring: Alex Hoffman, Greg Durand, Roland Torick, Omar Ahmady, Brian Tober, Robby Rosano, Bitto, Blake Mahon, Ralph Schell, Austin Murray, Shaun Webber, Steve Sarica, James Tuzzio, Phil Kamaratos, Ryan Newman, Jeff Mansfield, Brendan Gilliam, Matt Schiafone, Zach Mosco, Ron Diely, & Tim O’Connor.

Song: Pete Rock & CL Smooth – T.R.O.Y. They Reminisce Over You (Instrumental)

Filmed by Jon Edwards, Dan Zambrano and Jeff Lupinski – Edited by Jon Edwards – Killa Two Coming Soon!