Heath’s 10 Tricks

A tribute to the inimitable Heath Kirchart. To be entered for the TWS Alien Workshop/Emerica contest.
The man is incredible pay your respects…
Happy retirement Heath

My 10 Chosen Tricks :

– Front Blunt Fakie from Transworld ‘Sight Unseen’

– Kickflip 50-50 Blockbuster from THE END

– Backside Lipslide from Habitat ‘Mosaic’

– Flip 50-50 from Emerica – ‘This is Skateboarding’

– 360 Nosegrab from Alien Workshop’s ‘Mindfield’

– Death-defying Noseslide in Emerica ‘Stay Gold’

– Boardslide from ‘This is Skateboarding’

– Gap to Bench Lip in ‘Mindfield’

– Tow-in to ridiculous backside flip which ends ‘Mindfield’

– Finally 360 Megaramp Nosegrab in ‘Stay Gold’