Kevin Kowalski – Footy Tape Fridays

So this is Kevin Kowalski\’s part from \”We Must Bleed\” a Lifeblood film, shot and edited by Daniel Evans. Here is the deal Kevin is headed out to Australia to shred in some World Cup competitions, but currently has no one to film the 3 week excursion. So Daniel, Kevin\’s long time filmer, hit up a KickStarter to try and raise some funds to go and film this epic excursion into the great down under. They intend to make a documentary of the entire trip and I am super stoked to see what comes of it.

So, with Daniel\’s permission, I posted the video to my channel to get it some coverage. Thus far he has raised $1700 and only needs $500 more to cover his basic travels costs. I\’ll go ahead and leave the link down below to the kickstarter, Daniel has put all kinds of rewards in exchange for some funding. Anything from full length \”We Must Bleed\” dvds to a two day Oregon Road trip with Kowalski and crew. Believe me it will be a sick film if he can get out their to film it. Til then, enjoy this shred filled part from one of Oregon\’s premiere transition skaters.

Also, check out the giveaways we put up at the end of the video. All kinds of fun stuff.

-Darren Dyk (aka Skapo)