Maloof Money Cup 2011: Pro Finals

The entire event at the Maloof Money Cup on Sunday, June 5th, 2011 in Queens, New York. Two skaters in each round, the winner moves up in the ranking leading up to the final round where Dennis Busenitz and Greg Lutzka fight for the $160,000 grand prize.

Part 1: Dennis Busenitz vs. Cory Kennedy – 00:15, Eli Reed vs. Nick Merlino – 00:50, Jack Curtin vs. Manny Santiago – 1:40, Andrew Reynolds vs. Sierra Fellers – 2:29

Part 2: Dennis Busenitz vs. Collin Provost – 3:31, Nick Merlino vs. Justin Figueroa – 4:37, Jack Curtin vs. Greg Lutzka – 5:27, Ryan Decenzo vs. Sierra Fellers – 6:08

Part 3: Dennis Busenitz vs. Justin Figueroa 7:13, Greg Lutzka vs. Ryan Decenzo 7:47, Greg Lutzka vs. Dennis Busenitz – 9:00

Filmed by Jon Edwards and Dan Zambrano
Edited by Jon Edwards