Mike Clarke – El Toro 20 Bail

I was visiting my dad in California at the time and the day before my flight back to New York I decided to try and tame the bull. I called up a friend that I met over the internet and he said he would be down to film it. It was actually the day before school so the staff were around the campus getting things ready; therefore I didn’t get a chance to even ride up to it. I quickly set up this angle on the tripod and my friend filmed it from the bottom of the set. I just remember approaching the 20 stair and getting sidetracked by the principal of the school yelling at me right before I ollied. My first thought when I got up was to run up and try it again; unfortunately I tweaked my wrist pretty bad and later found out that I broke it (if you look closely in the video I literally crushed it as I hit the floor). I plan on going back sometime next year and getting my revenge. Enjoy