Phillis Fridays Episode #1 – Dr. Phillis interviews George Vargas

Phillis Fridays #1 – also know as “The Dr. Phillis Show”

Welcome to the weird and wacky world of Dr. Phillis. On this months escapade the Doctor takes a deep prognosis of Reno’s very own celebrity, George Vargas. With a quick question and answer, Phillis is able to successfully diagnose George Vargas with a rare symptom know as the “it” factor. What this means, is the George has a quality known to Hollywood as the “it” trait. Only a very small percentage of people around the planet have this trait inherit to them, and mr. Vargas is one of those small few in percentage. The question and answer session continues into great depth as sexuality and various other political views are asserted. Dr. Phillis will be hosting a monthly show now known as Phillis Fridays where the Q & A becomes so jaw dropping that we had to place warnings on or in every episode. Now, enjoy the show!

Dr Phillis: Chase McMullen (Also Directed By Chase)
Guest: George Vargas