Portland Film Reel – Thursday Theater

This was my entry for the Film Reel Contest. I figured, why not throw it up here for a Thursday Theater. Thanks to everyone who threw down! And to Nigel Barros and Andrew Burke for helping with second angles!
Also, Congrats to Mitch and everyone in the top 6!

List of skaters (in order of appearance)

Tyson Reynolds
Jimmy Yan
Mikey Burton
Thomas Bell
Steven Farmer
Sean Holboke
Willis Kimble
Michael Davis
Peter McClelland
Johnny Turgeson (*sighs* I know I spelled his name wrong in the credits)
Mason Huggins
Cody Lockwood
Mikey Calcagno
Berkeley Anderson
Kevin Ketchum
Steven Reeves
Alex Lawer
Jared Bard
Daniel Holloway
Trevor Ward
Paris Coleman
Erik Billups

Filmed on JVC-HD7, Canon HV30 with 43MM Century Baby Death, and a preproduction Panasonic HMC40.

-Darren Dyk