Ryan Sheckler opens the hollywood summit spotlight on “Alex TPM” Sorgente

Ryan Sheckler opens The HOLLYWOOD Summit Spotlight on Alex “TPM” Sorgente.
The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show’s
Guest Introduction
Pro Skateboarder
Ryan Sheckler

Skateboarding by
Alex “TPM” Sorgente
Mike Rogers

Original music by
Devil Dance

Camera Operator
Morgan “HOLLYWOOD” Monroe
Chris Branan
Tom Spano
Alexe’s Dad
Chris Cote
Bart Hawk

Graphic Design
Chris Branan

Big thank you to:
Coping Block Skateboard Mag

Grind For Life Founder
Mike Rogers

Dunedin Parks & Recreation

And it could not have been done
with out the great people of
Martin Luther King Jr.
Recreation Center

Jocelyn Brodhead

Emily Pinkham

Mark Bennett

Matt Nauman

Dunedin Free Press
for covering the event.
From the web site of
Dunedin Free Press:

The Hollywood Summit Show’s
2010 Pool Gig Contest Took Place
on Sat. June 26 at Dunedin’s
Stirling Skate Park

The Hollywood Summit Show’s
2010 Pool Gig takes
place this Saturday, June 26th at
Dunedin’sStirling Skate Park.
The Skateboard contest was a filmed
production of The Hollywood
Summit Show.

As in last year’s contest, Dunedin’s
Battle Of The Summit,
held at the park on May 18, 2009,
skaters will compete in three age
divisions to face off in a final for
First Place.
As the name implies,
the competition’s main event
will be its Pool Contest.
Scoring will be
based on points for trick variety,
style and level of difficulty.
Two live bands will play as
participants compete.

Three tough local skaters
prevailed at the end of the day in
last year’s show,
Alex Sorgente, 11,
took First Place,
“Ragin'” Haze Miller, 10,
took Second Place
Miss “Gnarly” Marlee Miller, 14,
took Third.
Watch video from the 2009 contest
on www.YouTube.com.

The Hollywood Summit Show’s
Morgan “HOLLYWOOD” Monroe
and Tom “The Ripper” Spano
will host the contest along with
Matt “Harbor” Sendejo.
Morgan Monroe has been
skateboarding since 1973 and
has active ly enjoyed surfing,
dirt biking and mountain
biking all his life.
He moved to Malibu in the 90’s,
working as an actorand in other
parts of the Hollywood Film industry.
He remains an active member of the
Screen Actor’s Guild today.
Co-host Tom Spano has a long history
in extreme sports including
professional skateboarding
and mountain biking,
and also enjoys surfing, wakeboarding,
boating and scuba diving.
He is also an active actor.

The Hollywood Summit Show
fuses extreme sports and reality
TV into a platform for
“No Name Rippers”
who dream of someday having
a chance to emerge.
It opens the door from the
subculture of skateboarding
into the mainstream
family lifestyle without changing
its roots.

Monroe, Spano and Sendejo,
the event’s three organizers,
bestowed Mayor Dave Eggers
The City of Dunedin with a plaque
commemorating the event on
June 24,
as they did for last year’s contest in
April 2009.
Last year’s plaque has
been displayed in City Hall since.
View video from last year’s
presentation on www.YouTube.com

Contest prizes included a seven foot
Trophy Medal, Surfboard and
Prize Pack for First Place,
along with a
Skydive City Gift Certificate,
a four foot medal prize pack for
Second and a 2.5 Foot Trophy Prize
Pack for Third Place.
Skaters can also win prizes
for Best Trick and Best Line of
Tricks in the Flow Bowl Competition
and Best Trick on a Bench,
Highest Olly and a game of
S-K-A-T-E in the Street Competition.

The day culminates in a
Red Carpet After Party at Club Blur,
also a Birthday Celebration for host
Morgan “HOLLYWOOD” Monroe,
serving cake from
Peace, Love and Cake,
The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show’s
Official Bakery, and it’s
Official Coffee from Buttons Brew
along with other food and
The party will honor Bruce Walker,
“Godfather of Florida Skateboarding”
for his contribution to the sport.
and premiere the new release from
Bruce Walker Films, The Payoff.
Three live bands,
Tribal Style, Slinky and
Localism will perform.