Scorch & Wood : Powell-Peralta

Last March I was lucky enough to get out filming with Powell-Peralta at the San Pedro skate park in LA to help film some stuff for their upcoming video Rip the Ripper. We used a $60,000 Phantom High-Speed Motion Capture camera to get some shots of the team skating through fireworks. I thought you all might enjoy checking it out.

Skaters (In Order of Appearance)
Steven Reeves
Brad McClain
Chad Bartie
Josh Hawkins
Jordan Hoffart
Aldrin Garcia

Edit: Darren Dyk
Phantom Operation: Brandon Baldwin and Darren Dyk
B-Roll & Production Assistance: Nigel Barros

Music: \’Blood Keys\’ by AMERICAN ROYALTY
Album: Matchstick
Label: Guns in the Sun
Label Site:

-Darren Dyk