The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show’s “Battle Of The Summit” 4 18 2009 Stirling Skateboard Park

On Saturday, April 18th, 2009
Morgan “Hollywood Monroe”
Matt “Harbor” Sendejo
Tom “The Ripper” Spano
bestowed Mayor Dave Eggers
The City of Dunedin, Florida
a large, beautiful trophy and plaque
to be displayed for all to see in City Hall.
This was to be one in many amazing
parts in the Hollywood Summit Show’s
production “Battle of the Summit”
skateboard competition.
Monroe and Spano, of the
Hollywood Summit Show, an extreme
sports, music and comedy variety
television show, with the help of:
The City of Dunedin, Florida
The MLK Recreation Center
The Ian Tillman Foundation
Grind For Life
Dread or Dead Skateboards
Steve Steadham Skateboard Industries
stirling skate park

The event featured skaters from all over
the U.S., competing for the top prize of a
a “Battle of the Summit” trophy and a
Rippin’ Dread or Dead surf board plus
a Dread or Dead sponsorship.
All division winners received prize packs
featuring skate decks,wheels, t-shirts
stickers and much more.

Prize packs provided by:

Lonan Clothing

Westside Skate Shop

Double Barrel Skate Shop

Dread or Dead Skate and Surf


S-One Helmets

Jolli Mon’s Grill



Florin-Roebig Law Firm

Grind for Life

Independent Trucks

Quiet Flight Surfboards

The Ian Tillman Foundation

Seabreeze lounge and Grill

Sector 9 Skateboards

Underground Florida

Low Key Films

Versatility Skatebords

Bayshore Trophies and Awards

Ocean Lifestyle

Concrete Wave Skateboard Magazine

Murderized Skateboards

The Tampa Bay Lightning Girls

Red Bull Energy Drink

The Hollywood Summit Show
sponsored the Friday Night Pre-Party at the
Daquiri Deck in Madeira Beach,

featuring music by:

Sean D
Full Fledged Unit
Special Guest Steve Steadham

Jolli Mon’s in Dunedin hosted the
Saturday Night After Party, with music by
Speak Easy and Steve Steadham.

At the After Party, the latest video,
“Film or Be Forgotten” from
Florida Underground premiered
on the big wall outside the Bar & Grill.

The Winners of the competitions are as follows:

Division 1 (13years & under)
First Place Alex Sorgente
Second Place Ragin’ Haze Miller
Third Place Cammeron Miller

Division 2 (14-16)
First Place Gnarly Marlee Miller
Second Place Jeremy Benavente
Third Place Marcus Valabar

Division 3 (17-up)
First Place Jeff Ziecheck
Second Place Levi Combs
Third Place Todd Webb

The Winners of “Battle of the Summit”
First Place Alex Sorgente
Second Place Ragin’ Haze Miller
Third Place Gnarly Marlee Miller

The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show’s


Hosted By:

Morgan “HOLLYWOOD” Monroe
Tom Spano
Matt Sendejo

Produced By:
Morgan “HOLLYWOOD” Monroe
Chris Brannan
Tom Spano
Matt Sendejo

Executive Producer
Morgan “HOLLYWOOD” Monroe

Senior Camera Opeator
Chris Brannan

Camera Operators
Chris Brannan
Tom Spano
Morgan “HOLLYWOOD” Monroe
Kit-Kat Monroe
Chris Cote

Production Assisitant
Kit-Kat Monroe

Music By:

Bag Of Toys
Song: Share
CD: Nooner

Full Fladged Unit

Steve Steadham


Nettye Stamper
Produced By: Sari Dajani

13 & Under

Reese Fraizer
Isac Crawford
Alex Sandino
*Camoron Miller
*Alix Sorgente
Brando Morelas
Brannon Campbell
Robert Lewis
*Haze Miller
Jacob Huber
Tylor Howell
Nick Green
Indi Webb
Anthony Henderson
Sal Russo
Bobby Hackworth
Miles McKinney
Branclon Lane
Johnson Finnegan
Decker Johnson
Marcus Jalabar
Nick McKinney
Astin Knott
Nick Wallace

Game Of S-K-A-T-E Winner
Anthony Marshello

Highest Ollie Winner
Yonis Monlina

The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show
would like to thank:

The City of Dunedin Florida

The Mayor of Dunedin Florida
“Dave Eggers”

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Guest Introduction By:
Ron Allen

Old School Fool Johnny Hauser

Team Pain

Charlie Crank

Steve Steadham

Chris Cote

The Daquiri Deck

Sean D

Steve Stagmer of Jolli Mon’s
For letting
The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show
Host the “Battle Of The Summit”
After Party their place.

Speak Easy

Mike Rogers of Grind For Life

John Montesi

Girls Riders Organization
Courtney Payine-Taylor


Sarah Meredith

Selina Gangi

Katie Hlas

and the REDBULL girls

The Tampa Bay Lightning Girls

Kona Brewing Co.
Kona Longboard
Island Lager
Kona Hawaii
And whoever made these
rockin’ fish tacos

This was part one,
so look for part two.

Are you down with the Summit?

Stay Off Your Face

The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show
Copyright 2009