The Polar Bear Plunge with Brian Wenning

1/13/08Pro Skateboarder Brian Wenning does the Ancient Order of Hyberians Polar Bear Plunge

He was getting coffee early in the morning at the local 7-11 in Sea Bright, NJ when he saw a sign. He called Hunter and I, and signed up for it. Everyone was lined up to do the swim when he comes out of nowhere and jumps in the freezing cold ocean before everyone else. He was in two newspapers for it and a witness was on the news. This was right after just getting home from California so the cold water gave him the flu.

Brian recently spoke about this in “Skateboarder” magazine in 2009. [Originally Uploaded: January 2008 – 10,462 Views]

Filmed by Jon Edwards & Hunter Baker – Edited by Jon Edwards – Visit for more!