Thursday Theater (dec 30th)

This is a little project my friends & myself created earlier this year. Mostly just a peek into a more casual side of our daily lifes. It took a few months to round up the footage. Especially with the crazy Utah weather lately. But it all came together well.

Skateboarding Is the best distraction, I’ve found, from the craziness that ensues daily in this small world. So please enjoy this small window into what we do…
I realize this edit has definitely got a different flow then most people are used too, but it’s just what came out when i sat down to make it. Don’t judge just watch, we worked hard on this : )

Skater’s: Trevor Leonard, Damon Dixon, Braden Banks, Jason Watson, Matt Fisher, Sam Hodges, Moses Lara, Logan Gisburne, Mike Muirhead & Garrett.

Ziggy marley: Love is my religion (cover)
Jimi Hendrix: First rays of the New rising sun
Jimi hendrix: Mannish boy

Film/Edit/Guitar: Damon Dixon