Transworld Mike Anderson Pay Day Drew Davis Submission

Mike Anderson Transworld Pay Day Contest
Drew Davis Submission Tape
Please Vote For Me…Thanx..
Like 7 DIY Spots In One Video..
Could Have Done More But It Started Raining..
This Video Was Recorded,Edited By Me..

Hours Went Into This Video Making It..Spent Many Dollars For Concrete And Gas Driving Around Fixing Up Spots…At End Of Month It Started Raining A Bunch….
My Computer crashed like 30 times during this ordeal…i used a 10 inch netbook to finish this video…im pretty satisfied for how it came out…..lots of footage i had to make this video like 4 times…thanks to youtube for video editor….thanks for watching the whole video….sorry its long but its full of good footage….if i win i will help share with everyone that helped….

thanks to
Krooked, Converse, Matix, Spitfire, Thunder, Lucky, and Loud Headphones,transworld,blair alley,everyone who watched this,torey pudwill and mike anderson….hope i made you proud…
thanks for making such a great contest….

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for clothes and decks and goodies….
For My SkateBoard Deck I Skate…Best Deck Out There 8.8 SW Logo
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Transworld Taylor Bingaman Pay Day Drew Davis Submission Video

For My Old Submission Winning tape..

Download Skate 3 parks via If You Wanna Play..
Or Hit Me Up On XBL..GT: i VIP allday x
Rise SkateParks

Input The GPS Numbers In Each Of The Video Spots Into Google maps And You Will See Spot And Location…

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Blair Alleys Tampa Profile….Your Tha Best Man!!!

Blair Alley is blairlylegal on Instagram

Music By eTy

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Please No One Copy The Way I Made This Video…

video made in oregon,reedsport,winchester bay,coos bay,north bend,gardiner..

Figure i Upload This Now Because My Computer Has Been Crashing And It Will Be Raining Until The End Of The Month So No More DIY Projects…
If I get picked i will do the spots i didnt get in the video and upload shortly thereafter…
I Made A Video That Transworld Would Love…It Has Everything…Hope U Like It Mike Anderson…Sorry I Dont Have Like Huge Tre Flips And Big bangers but I Try…At Least The Spots Are Fixed Now So Everyone Can Skate Them….Remember GPS Locations in video and Skate 3 Parks You Can Skate Them If You Cant make It To Oregon….

Thank You TWS…

-Drew Davis