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Outliers (2014)

From those born into it, to those locked out from it, those who moved to be part of it and those hiding from it, Outliers represents a cast of skateboarders from diverse geographical backgrounds and demonstrates how their proximity to skateboarding’s epicenter has affected the way they skate.

TEAM: Riley Hawk, Lee Yankou, Neen Williams, Marius Syvanen, Zered Bassett and Brad Cromer

Video By: Chris Thiessen
Perpetual Motion (2013)

With 24 full-lengths in the back catalog of the TransWorld video legacy, here’s your formal introduction to number 25, Perpetual Motion.

TEAM: Silas Baxter-Neal, Julian Davidson, Jimmy Carlin, Walker Ryan, Josh Matthews, Tom Remillard

Video By: Jon Holland and Chris Thiessen
The Cinematograper

Produced by Jon Holland, and reprising the premise and format of the original Cinematographer, The Cinematographer Project once again shifts focus on 13 of skateboarding’s most gifted videographers (four of which return from the first version), and allows them to craft short parts to share their creative visions to the world of skateboarding.

TEAM: Dennis Busenitz, Evan Smith, Lem Villemin, Mark Gonzales

Video By: Jon Holland
Not Another Transworld Video (2011)

The first skate video filmed entirely in HD, Not Another TransWorld Video showcased the smooth ledge-tech wizardry of Shane O’Neill and his near-impossible switch flip backside tailslide backside 270 switchflip out, had Theotis Beasley going hard in the paint, showed off the quirky stylings of Mike Anderson and Nestor Judkins, and further documented the laid-back Tom Penny-esque nonchalance of Wes Kremer.

TEAM: Jimmy Carlin, Mike Anderson, Nestor Judkins, Shane O’Neill, Theotis Beasley, Wes Kremer

Video By: Jon Holland, Chris Ray
Hallelujah (2010)

Introducing GoPro footage to skateboarding, Hallelujah lets Tyler Bledsoe set the stage by flipping in and out of endless slides and grinds. Pete Eldridge demonstrates his ambidextrous tendencies in his section. Ryan Decenzo chomped monstrous rail and hubbas like your thickest uncle at an all-you-can-eat joint. Taylor Bingaman was put on the map after he left no terrain untouched in his part, including his backside overcrook down Hollywood 16.

TEAM: Pete Eldridge, Ryan Decenzo, Taylor Bingaman, Torey Pudwill, Tyler Bledsoe

Video By: Jon Holland, Chris Ray
Right Foot Forward (2009)

Featuring an all goofy-footed cast, Jon Holland and Chris Ray’s Right Foot Forward introduced much of the world to Kellen James’ incredible range of tricks. Joey Brezinski balances his way through never-before conceived ledge and manny combos. Bobby Worrest’s part is as street as it gets while he manhandles the most rugged terrain. Corey Duffel displays bone-crushing speeds and inexplicable power.

TEAM: Bobby Worrest, Corey Duffel, Joey Brezinski, Kellen James, Matt Beach

Video By: Jon Holland, Chris Ray
And Now (2008)

And Now opens with David Gravette making heavy revisions to The Book Of Gnar. Matt Miller follows suit with more pop than a freshly stocked vending machine and ends his part with a speedy fakie hardflip noseblunt slide. Richie Jackson’s mind-expanding tricks fill his perception-altering part. Kenny Hoyle’s section is pure perfection.

TEAM: David Gravette, Kenny Hoyle, Matt Miller, Nick Trapasso, Richie Jackson, Sean Malto

Video By: Jon Holland, Chris Ray
Let’s do this! (2007)

Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez’s last opus working together, Let’s Do This! starts off with a part full of smooth and rugged clips of Brian Brown (including out-of-nowhere switch backside crailslide guest appearance by Danny Montoya. All-around annihilator, Clint Peterson, follows with tricks on just about everything the streets have to offer. A true comeback part, Peter Smolik boosts over fences and off rocks.

TEAM: Brian Brown, Clint Peterson, Devine Calloway, Emmanuel Guzman, Peter Smolik

Video By: Jon Holland, Jason Hernandez
A Time To Shine (2006)

A Time To Shine opens with a part from Cooper Wilt. Chris Roberts’ part is full of unmatched balance. Ronson Lambert finishes his ridiculously technical part with a frontside bigspin front blunt kickflip out. Chad Tim Tim’s part is pure class with exemplary execution…

TEAM: Chad Tim Tim, Chris Roberts, Cooper Wilt, Dylan Rieder, Jereme Rogers, Mikey Taylor, Paul Rodriguez, Ronson Lambert

Video By: Jon Holland, Jason Hernandez
First Love (2005)

Crafted by Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez, First Love showcased stuntwood romantics from veteran to rookie status. Shiloh Greathouse’s first part in years is filled with OG fun and new school NBDs. Richard Angelides follows with a part of pure surgical accuracy. Omar Salazar scrapes and skids his way into history with high-speed uniqueness (and a mind-blowing taildrop at the Encinitas train station).

TEAM: Leo Romero, Omar Salazar, Richard Angelides, Ryan Gallant, Shiloh Greathouse

Video By: Jon Holland, Jason Hernandez
Subtleties (2004)

Edited and directed by Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez, Subtleties opened with a part from legendary Pat Duffy and followed up with the strong and graceful ledge and manny combos from Brandon Biebel and Brian Wenning. Then-unknown Kyle Leeper dipped in and out of ledges in new ways (Cab flip back noseblunt!), while Stefan Janoski primed the credit reel with his unmistakable casual style.

TEAM: Brandon Biebel, Brian Wenning, Kyle Leeper, Pat Duffy, Stefan Janoski

Video By: Jon Holland, Jason Hernandez
Are You Alright? (2003)

Are You Alright? follows Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez around on an RV tour through the Northwest while hitting parks and spots along the way. Also featured is a cast of other skaters, including Danger, who took a legendary slam dropping in on the Garfield High School banks.

TEAM: Aaron Harrison, Clint Peterson, Danny Way, Donny Barley, Jake Brown, Jesse Fritsch, Judd Hertzler, Matt Dove, Pat Duffy, Ryan Wilburn

Video By: Jon Holland, Jason Hernandez
Free Your Mind (2003)

Free Your Mind showcased the smallest number of parts to date, but truly had one of the greatest variety of skaters. Parts included the tightest of trannies shredded by Dan Drehobl (who racked up the most expensive music credits to TransWorld date with “Time Of The Season”), the steezy technicality of Rob Welsh, and the beefy gaps and rails skated by Darrell Stanton including his backside overblunt on clipper.

TEAM: Dan Drehobl, Darrell Stanton, Rob Welsh

Video By: Jon Holland, Ewan Bowman, Jason Hernandez
In Bloom (2002)

In Bloom showcased the up-and-comers of the era. Young Evan Hernandez skated man-sized rails. Chris Cole skated ledges in new ways while doing the same down the LOVE gap. A teenaged Mikey Taylor pulled out tech lines on ledges and handrails. Tony Trujillo ripped both the deep end and the streets. A boyish Paul Rodriguez showcased not-so-boyish form. Alex “Trainwreck” Gall came out of nowhere and back into nowhere in the last part of this Jon Holland and Ewan Bowman collaboration.

TEAM: Alex Gall, Chris Cole, Evan Hernandez, Mikey Taylor, Paul Rodriguez, Tony Trujillo

Video By: Jon Holland, Ewan Bowman
Sight Unseen (2001)

Sight Unseen remains a veritable how-to when it comes to crafting a proper skate video: from John Cardiel setting the template for all-terrain skating to Tosh Townend’s break-out part, the frenzy of Dustin Dollin to Heath Kirchart’s timeless skating paired with “Nights In White Satin.” Top it all off with Henry Sanchez crawling out from retirement to give his final one-two punch to skateboarding.

TEAM: Dustin Dollin, Heath Kirchart, Henry Sanchez, John Cardiel, Tosh Townend

Video By: Jon Holland, Greg Hunt
i.e. (2000)

i.e. demonstrates the building block spots and roof gap insanity of Daewon Song, as well as the nonchalance of Mark Appleyard with his nollie heel front board on the El Dorado seven. The finesse of Anthony Pappalardo was also illustrated in addition to Caine Gayle and Rod Dyrdek showcasing the first ever conceived TF. High speed boosts from Diego Bucchieri closed it.

TEAM: Anthony Pappalardo, Caine Gayle, Daewon Song, Diego Buuchieri, Mark Appleward, Rob Dyrdek

Video By: Jon Holland, Greg Hunt
Modus Operandi (2000)

Along with the most condensed cast of any previous TransWorld video, generator-powered night footage and a highly synthesized soundtrack set Modus Operandi apart from other videos of its time. Directed and edited by Ty Evans and Jon Holland, parts featured Marc Johnson’s “pure thought turned reality” and dramatic slow mos from Chany Jeanguenin and the Expedition crew.

TEAM: Brian Anderson, Chany Jeanguenin, Marc Johnson, Mike Caroll

Video By: Ty Evans, Jon Holland
The Reason (1999)

Ty Evans introduced a new level of detailing in video editing to the skate world in The Reason. The video begins with powerful tricks from Gershon Mosley and high-speed lines from Cairo Foster. Jaw-dropping technicality from both Danny Montoya and Danny Gonzalez set the stage for the rawness of Moses Itkonen with Paul Machnau, Rick McCrank, and Colin McKay.

TEAM: Cairo Foster, Colin McKay, Donny Gonzales, Danny Montoya, Gershon Mosley, Josh Kalis, Kenny Reed, Matt Mumford, Moses Itkonen, Paul Machnau, Rick McCrank, Stevie Williams

Video By: Ty Evans, Jon Holland
Feedback (1999)

Feedback begins with a shared part full of sophisticated moves and character with Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen. Neal Mims grinds through everything from massive rails, hubbas, and security guards. East Coast homeys skate together in their part full of huge grass gaps, mini ramp mastery, and LOVE Park clips…

TEAM: Andrew Reynolds, Anthony Van Engelen, Arto Saari, Bam Margera, Chad Muska, Geoff Rowley, Jason Dill, Kerry Getz, Mike Maldonado, Neal Mims

Video By: Ty Evans, Jon Holland
Transmission 7 (1999)

Taking a cue from Cinematographer before it, Transmission 7 chose not to give parts to the skaters themselves, but instead, certain cities. The result was a detailed look at the flourishing skate scenes of Los Angeles, NYC, Portland, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, and many more.

TEAM: n/a

Video By: Ty Evans, Jon Holland
The Sixth Sense (1998)

Starting with buttery lines from Kenny Anderson and a duet from Brad Staba and Brian Anderson, The Sixth Sense also featured the technical mastery of Mike Crum. Frank Hirata demonstrated his long-time addiction to skating and collecting musical instruments, and Josh Kalis closed it all with a switch back heel over the Brooklyn banks barrier.

TEAM: Brad Staba, Brian Anderson, Frank Hirata, Josh Kalis, Kenny Anderson, Mike Crum

Video By: Ty Evans, Jon Holland
Interface (1997)

Interface: Enter the 285.9MB hard drive for timelines with Chad Fernandez, Stephane Larance, Dan Rogers, Keith Hufnagel and friends, Bob Burnquist, Chany Jeanguenin/ Richard Angelides, and Steve Berra/Heath Kirchart…

TEAM: Bob Burnquist, Chad Fernandez, Chany Jeanguenin, Dan Rogers, Heath Kirchart, Keith Hufnagel, Richard Angelides, Stephane Larance, Steve Berra

Video By: Ty Evans, Jon Holland
Cinematographer (1997)


TEAM: Atiba Jefferson, Dan Wolfe, Danny Minnick, Dave Swift, Jon Miner, Josh Stewart, Lee Dupont, Mike Manzoori, Raymond Echevers, RB Umali, Steve Celentani, Ted Newsome, Tim Dowling

Video By: Ted Newsome
Greatest Hits (1997)


TEAM: n/a

Video By: Ted Newsome
4 Wheel Drive (1996)

From the first to the second video, casting became more selective, leaving 4 Wheel Drive with fewer but lengthier parts than its predecessor. The second video featured four-by-four operators Steve Berra, Max Schaaf, Jerry Fowler, Reese Forbes, Tom Boyle, Andrew Reynolds, Kris Markovich, Rune Glifberg, and Jeremy Wray. Dip into this classic to recap some of the old spots skated by the OG heads.

TEAM: Steve Berra, Max Schaaf, Jerry Fowler, Reese Forbes, Tom Boyle, Andrew Reynolds, Kris Markovich, Rune Glifberg, and Jeremy Wray

Video By: Ted Newsome
UNO (1996)

The beginning of it all. Uno was the dawn of TransWorld’s video legacy. Coming in with the thickest cast of any other TransWorld video, Uno featured parts from Marc Johnson, Eric Koston, Gershon Mosley, Bill Pepper, Heath Kirchart, Jeremy Klein, Chet Thomas, Matt Mumford, Tony Hawk, Geoff Rowley/Tom Penny, Chad Muska…

TEAM: Marc Johnson, Eric Koston, Gershon Mosley, Bill Pepper, Heath Kirchart, Jeremy Klein, Chet Thomas, Matt Mumford, Tony Hawk, Geoff Rowley/Tom Penny, Chad Muska…

Video By: Ted Newsome

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