Going along with Bert’s Check Out in our November 2013 issue, we’re premiering his part from the new video Sequel, by Kevin Perez, only on twskate.com. Pick up a copy of Sequel right here. And Stance socks has sweetened the deal by throwing in a free pair of socks for every DVD purchased online!

Age: 24
Home: Chuluota, Florida/LA, California
Sponsors: Element (flow), Nike SB (flow), Spitfire, Dickies, Stance

First set up: Birdhouse Turtle Boy graphic.
Current deck size: 8.5.
Current wheel size: 52 mm.
Video you can’t wait to see: Emerica video.
Best style: Nate Broussard.
Last skate gimmick that made you laugh: They’re all jokes.
Skate product that changed your life: I only skate Osiris D3s.
Last addition to your bucket list: Have eight kids.

I first met Bert with all the Weekendtage guys, he was always the funniest out of them, pretty sure he was the brains behind their operations. I found out he was a lot younger than he was, his beard threw me off, I’ve been telling him to shave it for over a year now. Anyways, Bert is always skating and ripping and finishes everyone’s food at the table.—Scuba Steve

No comply. Photo: CHAMI

In the apologies department, Bert’s Check Out trick was mislabeled in print. Thankfully for the internet we can right that mistake. This is of course a very stylish no comply shot by Dave Chami.

Follow Bert on Instagram: @bert_wootton