Munchie Heaven


This past March, Sony launched its newest device to the gaming world, the PSP-the PlayStation Portable handheld entertainment system. It not only plays games, but you can watch movies, listen to music, and play games online. It retails for under 250 dollars and includes a 32-megabyte Memory Stick Duo. For the tech heads: It weighs ten ounces and is just over six inches long, under three inches wide, and less than an inch thick. The PSP screen is the largest in its class, displaying full color-its over-four-inch-wide screen and high-resolution clarity is astonishing. The PSP has adopted a new 1.8-gigabyte optical disc (Universal Media Disc)-that’s half the size of normal game discs. Basically, the PSP dwarfs the competition and puts the power of your home-console PS2 in your hand. Along with the directional buttons and the left/right shoulder toggle buttons, they added a little button that serves as the analog controller. If you felt awkward playing a Nintendo DS as an adult, the PSP will alleviate your insecurity, because this is an adult handheld that kids can enjoy. The PSP launched with 24 titles, retailing for as low as 40 bucks, and there’re over 100 other games due for release in the coming months. With extended play times, your hands may begin to ache, but that’s a minor price to pay for the best handheld on the market.-Eric Sentianin

Gran Turismo 4

Sony Computer Entertainment America

PlayStation 2

The game that every car enthusiast waited nearly four years for has finally arrived with 700 cars from 80 manufacturers. There’re more than 50 courses to drive with real world tracks like Laguna Seca and Suzuka, as well as some classic tracks from past Gran Turismos and city courses like Hong Kong and New York. Dirt rally races are back, and new to the franchise are the snow and ice rallies. But the reason everyone loves this game so much is for its tuning capabilities. For the fanatic, the GT mode is the one for you. It’s all about winning races, earning money, buying a garage full of cars, and tuning them to your individual liking. The graphic modeling of the cars and environments are stunning. And although this is a racing simulation game, there’s no damage to your car-even with a high-speed head-on collision. It may take a while to earn enough money to really start building your garage properly, but this game is great and will have you spending the next year completing GT4.-Eric Sentianin

Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30


GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox

Right when you thought the World War II genre for first-person shooters had gotten a little stale, here comes Ubisoft with a brand-new one. With all the Medal Of Honors and Call Of Dutys out there, it’s hard to stand out these days. But BIA sets itself apart from the pack by offering the gamer another aspect to the already beat-to-death WWII genre-the ability to command your own squad. Ever seen the HBO series Band Of Brothers? Well, this is exactly like that one episode when the 101st Airborne landed on D-Day (June 6, 1944) and secured the ground inland of Omaha Beach. While at first play it may seem a little overwhelming if you’re not used to administering leadership, after some introductory practice you’ll easily pick it up. Personally, I like to run-and-gun lone-wolf style, and this whole “squad” thing seems more like a hindrance than a helpful tool to get to your next checkpoint. You can’t kill Krauts easily without throwing your squad into a skirmish, so that aspect kind of blows. The best thing about the game is the graphics-hands down. If you like FPSs where you learn some history while you shoot people, then Brothers In Arms is next in line for rent or purchase.-Aaron Schmidt

Star Wars Republic Commando

Lucas Arts


If taking the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter and cloning the biiggest army ever wasn’t enough, Lucas Arts had to engineer you to be the best clone trooper and throw you in the middle of your own war. Republic Commando allows you to command your own squad, annihilate enemy targets, and hack open security doors while your army provides cover. There’re fifteen different levels and over a dozen weapons to choose from, so you can tear through the separatist armies. Eventually, you’ll find yourself joining the battle at Kashyyk just in time for the game to come to an end. Republic Commando does tie in to the new Star Wars Episode III movie, leaving you with a desire to buy a ticket to find out how this whole movie saga comes to an end. Just like every Star Wars game, Republic Commando raises the standard, and Lucas Arts has blessed us all with another amazing game.-Daxter Lussier

Devil May Cry 3


PlayStation 2

This latest installment of the series is actually the prequel to the original Devil May Cry. It’s full of new characters and demons who have the ability to test your skills. Devil May Cry 3 takes you back to an earlier time in Dante’s life. The object is to survive and battle your way toward the ultimate confrontation with Dante’s twin brother, Vergil. The levels are full of enemies and difficult challenges, but you have access to a huge variety of weapons that help you along the way. Just like the first two, part three is well worth checking out. The fighting, the design of the levels, and the character graphics should put this game at the top of your list.-Daxter Lussier