The best of the best from North County San Diego made the cut for this epic Friends section from Find The Air. Cop it here soon! In order of appearance: Shaun Ross, Alic Cox, Decade Jason, Shonn Oquendo, Taylor Williams, Trevor Hunter, Brandon Neilson, Jeff McDowell, Brendan Klein, Tim Lavender, Jorge Hernandez, Div Adams, Jermaine Wright, Rowan Zorilla, Mark Schwaner, Ethan Raikoglo, Eric Lesar, Alex Heskett, Anthony Schultz, Damian Lynch, Cameron Wetzler, Mike Bricke, Brian Fick, Bobbylong, Jeremy Peckham, John Gacuma, Danny Scher, Alan Young, Brett Macbeth, Jeff Blue, Cyle Conger, Nick Pope, Tyler Martin, Josh Heath, Rayce Davis, Sean Denton, Brooks Bushman, Chris Russell, Sam Beckett, Chris Gregson, Chris Cope, Ben Johnson, Jet Caputo, and Adam Taylor.

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Video by Scott Gerent and Chris Rawlins

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