Gerardo Bejarano (POLLO)

hello, my name is Gerardo Bejarano pollo , and i have this video in my contry , i want go to the final , im from mexico , 20 years old , i went to usa the last summer and this summer because i want to be profecional skater , i went to San diego ca the last year , and i won 5 place , and i went this summer to simi valley ca,the skate in mexcio is so hard , because we dont have big companys and the sponsors are not much.. i go to usa for that , for to be a profecional skater , i hope you like my video , and i think following my dream if i can enter at the final , i hope you like it, now my sponsors are (3 loose screws) from las vegas nevada and (khiro products) from San Diedo CA. if you wnat you can see more videos of me, my email is this is a good oportunity for me and my contry , i want represent my contry with the profecional in usa. THANKS. skate to live and live to skate.:)remenber .