Sun Diego AM Slam Stop #2 Wrap Up

The second stop of Sun Diego’s 2014 AM Slam contest series went down July 13 at the new Lakeside skatepark in San Diego. The Pro-Am started off with three packed jam sessions boiling down to a final group of 10 skaters. Tyler Aghas, Alexis Ramirez, Gage Boyle, John Sarna, Corey Blanchette, Tanner Lawler, Cory Cox, Chase Webb, Austin Zito, Chris Mendes, Darren Feather, and John Nye all made the final. There were a lot of good runs in the final section, but riders Tyler Aghas, Chase Webb, and Gage Boyle ended up putting it together for the top 3 spots. Gage Boyle got technical, Chase Webb skated the biggest transfer in the park, and Tyler Aghas murdered the handrail all day to take home $1000 and first place. Congrats Tyler!

Stop #1 wrap up

Stop #3 is going down August 23 in Oceanside. Register now!

Video / WOJAHN

Photos / RICKY LOA