Video Check Out: Fletcher Renegar

Age: 20
Home: Chattanoga, Tennessee/Long Beach, California
Sponsors: Element (flow), Converse (flow), Bones Wheels, Gatorade, Atlanta Grip, Beer Nuts Hardware, Comfort Skateshop

New Year’s Resolution: Try not to get as many parking tickets.
Best video of 2013: Magenta, Soleil Levant.
Movie you’d recommend: Stand By Me.
Next skate trip: Back East in the spring.
Newest music on your iPod: Gucci Mane.
Favorite skatepark: Progressive Skatepark, R.I.P.
Am who should be pro: Travis Glover.
Video part to get you hyped: Anything, but I love Solomon Mosley Jr.’s part in Frick Squad.

Not only is he a strapping young southern gentleman, but Fletch has the natural talent and heart of a person beyond his years. His loud excited behavior running back up a set of steps after slamming reminds you that he’s still Li’l Fletch, though. An amazing skateboarder and true bud, here’s to you Big Fletch!—Chris Thiessen

Video by Chris Thiessen, photo by Cameron Strand