Our good friends over at adidas skateboarding and Juice Magazine hosted a sick event this past weekend at the Beyond The Streets art show in Los Angeles. With Venice legends abound including Jessee Martinez, Aaron “Fingers” Murray, Eric Dressen, Christian Hosoi and more, the afternoon was a blast with free food and drinks and musical entertainment from The Shrine and Excel who ripped up the stage out back, and even a classic Venice wall ride session. Good times!

PHOTOS / @jaimeowens

 Holmes with a frontal attack!

Hang time with Hosoi.

 Aaron Murray and surfing icon Nathan Fletcher.

 Shota Kubo, frontside grind.

 Eric Dressen!

 Pavilion replica.

 Corey Parks is the new bassist for The Shrine.

 The Shrine shredding.

 Dogtown OG Jeff Ho authenticating the ramps.

 Adidas’ Cullen Poythress and wellllllll…..Chris Roberts.

 Rick Kosick and Wee Man. Big Brother R.I.P.

 Juice Mag’s Eric “Tuma” Britton was ripping all day.

 Shepard Fairy work inside.

 The Godfather, C.R. Stecyk III had one of my favorite showings.

 Jon Sciano, frontside nosepick.

That’s a wrap.

Oh, and Rob Reiner was there! THIS IS SPINAL TAP!