Last night in downtown LA, Louie Barletta and the enjoi crew threw a surprise retirement party for the one and only Cairo Foster. Louie said that in the past year or so, Cairo had mentioned that he was ready to close out his pro career and not milk it, so unbeknownst to Cairo, Louie arranged a gathering of teammates and friends to come celebrate and epic career of one of the gnarliest and nicest dudes out there. Tons of fun was had and it was a great night and great tribute to Cairo. Thanks to Louie, enjoi, the whole Dwindle squad, and Adidas crew that helped pulled all of this together. Cairo might not be pro anymore but he’s definitely still going to be out there ripping! See you on the sesh soon Cairo!—Jaime Owens


PHOTOS / Jaime Owens

Two cakes!

 Cairo thought he was coming to an adidas meeting.

Nope!, Louie had other plans.

Howard and Kenny showing love.

Matt Milligan letting Cairo know he has tomorrow off…or maybe, just a half day.

Blue Steele.

#twsduets! Zack Wallin and The Joeface.

The Caswell and The Benny!

The Roger Bagley and The Louie Barletta. Ok, enough.

Pete Eldridge and Jake posted.

Hugh Bod Boyle and adidas’ or better known as Hatchet For Hands’ Cullen Poythress. Photo: Mike Fitz

Useless Wooden Knowledge crew tallying up our table’s winning score. That’s right baby!

They tried.

Them too on the right. That’s us on the left. The winners table.

Going for it.  Joe Hammeke, Nora Vasconcellos and Donnelly.

enjoi squad! Solid blokes.

The last Cairo board. For now…

He got to eat his cake too! We love you Cairo. Thank you for all the radness over the years. Big fans….big fans!