Last night, Foundation Skateboards premiered their 13th full length video, Oddity, at the Observatory Theater in Santa Ana, CA to a completely packed house--like sardines packed. You couldn’t move or lift your arms up and you only saw half the screen because the bottom half was a dudes head! These guys are just hard, working-class dudes out there killing themselves for no big paychecks from big time sponsors or anything and holy shit, they came through with some heavy parts and epic tricks that will definitely have people talking in the days to come. Getting broke off all for the love. Be on the lookout for it soon. Good job boys, you “kilt” it! --Jaime Owens

   Shigeo and Joey Ragali

 Duff man had tricks in the vid.

 Leo’s band Travesura played in-between showings, making everyone’s pants wet.

Corey Glick, holy shit man! That part!

 Ryan Spencer, surfer style for daysssss.

My son Dakota had his best part ever and the “Ledge” Matt Bennett was there.

Cole Wilson had possibly the heaviest rail part of all-time. Love this guy. Epic video boys!