The 23rd Annual Tampa Pro went down this past weekend to a packed house at the one and only Skatepark of Tampa. The who’s who of skateboarding were all in attendance and the skating didn’t stop the entire weekend. From Friday’s practice to the Saturday Qualifiers to the Finals on Sunday—ripping ensued. Check some photos below and stay tuned for a video recap, coming soon! Huge congrats to Louie Lopez for winning his first ever Tampa Pro and shout out to Luan Oliveira for coming in second and Kelvin Hoeffler for taking third. And of course, a huge thank you to Brian Schaefer and the entire SPoT team for hosting one of the raddest contests in skateboarding year after year! We’ll see you all next time. —TWS

PHOTOS / @jaimeowens

Tyshawn was killing it all weekend

Chris Cole taking his 50-50 up and into the bank

Milton Martinez was blasting around the park. Ollie from the hip to quick hit on the hubba. Definitely a crowd favorite.

No stranger to a Tampa contest, Koston always keeps it fun.

Tampa Am/Pro legend, Donny Barley! Always great seeing him.

Eric Dressen and our 2017 TWS Legend Award recipient, Mr. Ray Barbee.

Tiago Lemos was taking these nollie nosegrinds—amongst plenty of other tricks—from coast to coast all weekend.

Sheckler was in the mix ripping.

Tommy Fynn took first in Qualifiers on Saturday and killed it in the Finals on Saturday.

Nyjah was pulling this trick during practice but couldn’t get it in his run. Backside 180 nosegrind

Tyshawn Jones, 360 flip.

Our 2017 Tampa Pro champion, Louie Lopez. There was no denying his win, his lines were insane.

Ishod! Always one of our favorites to watch.

Boo Johnson was taking these five-0’s across and down every try.

Cory Kennedy might’ve been having more fun than anyone. Backside Smith with an ear to ear smile.

Tyshawn Jones, switch flip.

Brandon Westgate and French Fred.

One of the hardest working men at any Tampa contest, Bart Jones. You sexy beast, you!

Aaron Herrington was skating the course all sorts of different ways. Backside 50-50 from the quarter pipe.

There’s that CK grin again.

Ishod never stopped skating. From practice to the contest to the bowl jam. A real skate rat.

David Toole from Blue Tile (South Carolina) was hanging out all weekend, eating burgers and helping cut boards at the Element booth.

Bobby Worrest enjoying a free fresh cut!

Kevin Taylor has been skating the Tampa contests for years. So tight that he’s still up in the mix with all the young bucks! Backside lipslide for days.

Everybody loves Lizard King.

Always a skated line up at The Skatepark of Tampa.

Karsten Kleppan was looking good during qualifiers. Such a solid style and bag of tricks!

All eyes on Tom Grom! This was gnarly. He was flowing around the park all weekend.

Ybor night life!

Felipe Gustavo was killing it in the finals.

Tyshawn Jones, upstream kickflip. Buck!

Louie Lopez, alley-oop frontside flip during his winning run.

Ishod Wair, laying back for the homies.

Tom Asta was putting together solid lines all weekend. Always killing it!

Torey Pudwill, backside Smith grind up the hubba to start his run.

Carlos Ribeiro is one solid dude. Switch backside Smith grind amongst a million other amazing tricks during his run.

Not everyone can look this good skating flatground but Luan Oliveira is definitely the exception.

Stoked that Malto is back from his injury and ripping again.

Watching Shane O’Neill skate in real life is incredible. His consistency is hard to compare to.

Louie Lopez, backside lipslide frontside 180 out.

Luan! Straight on backside flip over the hubba.

Kevin Bradley, straight kickflip over the hubba.

Ishod, coast to coast backside Smith grind.

Alex Olson is always a treat to watch. Backside tailslide through the corner.

Congrats Louie! And big congrats to Luan for taking second and Kelvin Hoffler for taking third. We’ll see you next year @spottampa!