Small photo recap from this weekend’s Vans Pool Party, one of the best, if not the best, contest every year! Full video recap coming later.

Photos: Jaime Owens

 Mike McGill rips every year. This is just a frontside grind, but he looks so good on it.

Lance Mountain seals the deal, frontside invert.

 Two Legends and epic humans! Steve Van Doren & Chris Ortiz.

 Cory Juneau, frontside nosebluntslide.

 Lester Kasai in your face.

 Kiko Francisco never lets down with these beautifully boosted backside ollies.

Bucky Lasek, boned Indy air.

Lance, backside air.


Photos below: Chris Ortiz Nicky Guerrero, sweeper.

Bucky Lasek, no comply.

 Klay Kleiner, frontside air.

 Cory Juneau, frontside nosegrind. As casual as they come!

Tristan Rennie, corner air.


Thank you Vans for another epic year!