Welcome Skateboards kicked off the new year right with the premiere of their first full length video "Fetish" at the Yost in Santa Ana, CA. With full parts from Ryan Lay, Daniel Vargas, and Ryan Townley (just to name a few), it is one that will leave jaws dropped and will surely get you hyped to go skate. Keep your eyes peeled for it’s full release soon.

PHOTOS / @alexpapke


1_fetish_papke 2_fetish_papke Ryan Townley rolling out with his squad.

3_fetish_papke The Sallilas family flew all the way from Birmingham, Alabama for Jason's killer part.


4_fetish_papke Early grab master and The Fast and the Furious enthusiast Will Blaty in the house!


5_fetish_papke The show came equipped with a couple of killer bands to start the night off.


6_fetish_papke Dakota Hunt and Dvargs being a couple of the few to participate in the mosh pit.


7_fetish_papke Professor Paul Schmitt in the house with Heroin's own Mark Foster.


8_fetish_papkeAdidas's newest team rider Nora Vasconcellos.


9_fetish_papke Welcome's headmaster Jason Celaya.


10_fetish_papkeRoman Pabich taking home best dressed for the evening.

11_fetish_papke Ryan Townley, Ryan Lay, and Jason Sallilas in the building.


12_fetish_papke The Yost was a full house.

13_fetish_papke Photog Kyle Seidler and his lady.


14_fetish_papke It goes without saying that Dvargs has to paint all the homies nails before the show gets going.


15_fetish_papke Nora and vert vet Mimi Knoop.


16_fetish_papke Welcome's Rick Fabro and Jordan Sanchez.


17_fetish_papkeDaniel getting some autographs in for the fans.

18_fetish_papkeMr. Vargas starting off the show for everyone.

19_fetish_papke Whole squad on stage before the video started.


20_fetish_papke Goes without saying that everyone is going to be hyped on Romans part.


21_fetish_papkeRyan Townley was the man of the hour after this one.

22_fetish_papkeFinishing the night off with a group photo with none other than Chris Cobra Cole. Everyone killed it with this project, when you get the chance feast your eyes on this one, you will not be disappointed.