TransWorld SKATEboarding Come Up Tour 2014 Winner Videos

For the second year, our Come Up Tour winners are submitting a street video part for YOU to vote on. The winner is getting a Check Out in the mag! Each of these guys came out, ripped, and won the C.U.T. stop in their city. Now here's where they prove their skills in the streets. Who deserves a Check Out and a proper Come Up?

C.U.T. Finalist
  • Sacramento, California. Winner Tristan Moss
    Tristan gets flowed by Blood Wizard, is a regular at the Hanger Skatepark, and all the Sacto locs predicted he'd win.
  • Austin, Texas. Winner Justin Williamson.
    Justin has a rad attitude, was super positive, and we were all stoked to meet and hang out with him. And he ripped everything!
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota. Winner Ricky Nunn.
    We remembered Ricky from the C.U.T. Minnepolis stop last year where he made the finals. This year he brought out the big guns and won it.
  • Portland, Oregon. Winner Ben Campbell.
    Ben is tall, smooth, and versatile. An all-around Northwest shredder like the best of them.
  • Phoenix, Arizona. Winner Rayce Davis.
    Rayce has an incredible flowing style and the Arizona heat doesn't phase him. You'll be seeing him in our pages sooner than you think.