2014 TWS Come Up Tour: How the CUT works

The TransWorld SKATEboarding ‘Come Up Tour’ is a 6-stop amateur skate contest series that tours across the U.S in search of the best unsponsored skateboarders in key cities including Sacramento, Austin, Portland, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and New York City.  More than just a one-off, run and done skate contest, the TWS C.U.T. Series gives you the chance to “Come Up!”  In addition to a huge stack of product, the winners of each stop are given a month to film a video part that will be hosted on TWSkate.com, where fans will vote for their favorite video over a 2-week period.  The overall winner of the video contest will be named TWS C.U.T. Series Champion and will receive a “Check Out” in TransWorld Magazine and an all-expense paid trip to Windell’s Summer Camp for he and a friend!
Here are the details:
•  If you’re under 18, you’ll need your parent to sign the entry waiver.  Click here to print the waiver and don’t forget to bring it with you to the skatepark!
• You can Pre-Register for the contest here. We have 50 spots open for Pre-Registration, and an additional 25 spots the morning of the contest.
•  Registration starts at 10 AM and is limited to the first 50 skaters, so get there early to make sure you get a spot.
•  Contest starts at noon
•  Contest is jam format, 4 skaters to a heat.  The best skaters will advance to semi-finals, then finals.
•  There are no age groups or skill groups, the playing field is even for everyone.
•  Top 3 skaters of the day are awarded prize packages including decks, trucks, wheels, clothing, and more!
•  The top skater of the day will receive a custom trophy from Art Of Board in addition to prize package.
That’s it!  Get ready to rip it with TransWorld in your town, and show our crew that you’re good enough and ready to Come Up!

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