60 Minutes In The Park: Zumiez Best Foot Forward

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The top three winners of the Zumiez Best Foot Forward national final each flew out to California and drove straight on down to the TransWorld park to unleash 60 minutes of brutal, nonstop punishment, timed by Josh Kalis himself. The result--the following three videos below--is sure to give even the most seasoned pros a run for their money. Here’s to the future; these kids are unreal!
So here’s the deal: Watch the following three videos and vote for your favorite in the poll to the right. It’s gonna be tough to pick just one, but the dude with the most votes by Monday, July 30th, will come out victorious. What they’ll win for getting first? A $500 Zumiez gift card, year-long subscription to TWS, and a chance to shoot a photo with a TWS staff photographer or film a clip with a TWS staff filmer out in the streets.
Videos by James Buchmann


Out of Philly, Kevin’s a true East Coast powerhouse. Half-Cab backside five-O grinds down handrails and Cab back tails like nothin’? Holy hell. Kevin took 1st at the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Philadelphia stop and placed 3rd overall at the finals in Minneapolis.


Coming out of Denver with possibly more switch bangers than P-Rod himself, Julian took 1st place--as well as the TransWorld Best Trick award--at the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Denver stop. He placed 2nd overall at the finals in Minneapolis.


Placing 1st at his hometown’s stop in Minneapolis with a big-ass bag of crazy rail tricks, Jack then went on to win the entire Zumiez Best Foot Forward finals the same day. Damn.