The boys at Volcom have been on a tear this year. They've been on a seemingly non-stop tour all over the world wrecking spot after spot with one of the heaviest squads there is. I was lucky enough to join them on their London leg of said tour of destruction with a squad featuring Daan Van Der Linden, Alec Majerus, Axel Cruysbergh, Dustin Dollin, Ben Raemers, Harry Lintell, Victor "Doobie" Pellegrin, and Charlie Birch pronounced "Chaw-Lee" by us Yanks. Despite only a small amount of that notorious dreary London weather, we made the most of what this fine city had to offer and covered almost every inch of it. Thanks to the crew, skaters of London and also to Jacob Smith, Kevin Parrott, Lannie Rhoades, and Ant Travis for holding it down as we documented these cooked little boys. Check the video!

Words & Photography by Jaime Owens

Daan Van Der Linden, wallride. (click to enlarge)

Here's a list of notes taken on this trip:
Little Boy Cooked AKA Daan's nickname; Riot in the streets; Ben always lost; Rain; Southbank 540 wtf, Doobie's dick; Where's Ben; Fish and chips; Woah, woah, woah, Gina, Gina, Gina, Gina; Hero guy on bus guy tried to take Skankiee's speaker because the music bothered him; Spin the bottle Ollie; Ben's gone again; Pizza delivery guy stops and gives us free pizza at spot; There's Doobie's dick again; "Wassup hippie kids" being yelled at us; Crazy girl attacks us at Tottenham D.I.Y.; We see her again at next park miles away; We make peace with her, then she flips out and pours milk on rail and box; We found Ben; Me adopting Axel for green card purposes; Dustin found faith in humanity from the beer bike courier that didn't steal his money; One epic trip.

Words & Photography By Jaime Owens

In between sneaking off from our crew, Ben Raemers got down in the rainy streets with the likes of this wallie off the box. (click to enlarge)

Dustin Dollin decided last minute to come join us since he was only a short trip away in France. After a few train rides, he brought the party and the 180 nosegrinds to London.

Dustin Dollin, 180 nosegrinds (click to enlarge)

London is a land of flatbars. I was in heaven but Alec Majerus took them to another level. 50-50 Ollie up to 50-50.

Alec Majerus, 50-50 Ollie up to 50-50. (click to enlarge)

Victor Pellegrin aka Doobieeeee! Yes, you have to say his name all drawn out and excited like that every time you see him because he's the embodiment of positivity and stoke. Also, he really likes to show you his loaf. It's quite impressive just like this super tight and sketchy Ollie over the rail into the bank. Look at those holes.

Victor Pellegrin, Ollie over the rail and into bank. (click to enlarge)

We all know that Axel Cruysbergh can get down on the big rails like a boss, but did you know he could gap up to frontside sugarcane like a regular ole tranny dog? Now you do. And I think I'm his legal guardian now.

Axel Cruysbergh, gap up to frontside sugarcane. (click to enlarge)

Alec, backside noseblunt-slides while Skankiee gets vertical on a tight quarter at one of the world's most famous street spots, Southbank.

Alec Majerus, backside noseblunt-slide. (click to enlarge)

Skankiee gets vertical. (click to enlarge)

This bike track wasn't that easy to skate because it was covered in tiny rocks, but that didn't stop Ben from blasting a giant frontside tweaker.

Ben Raemers, frontside tweaker. (click to enlarge)

Chaw-lee Birch is an up and coming UK skater that held his own with this team of heavyweights.

Charlie Birch, Smith grind. (click to enlarge)

One of my new favorite skaters and hopefully yours too, especially after seeing him destroy it in the Spitfire video recently, AKA "Fish And Chips." Bigflip between the poles and crooked grind from the bank.

Harry Lintell, bigflip. (click to enlarge)

Harry Lintell, crooked grind. (click to enlarge)

This kid rules. Daan's one of the best skaters—if not the best—on the planet that always makes it look so easy, effortless, and stylish. Frontside noseslide while a shithead kid tried to keep opening a door on the bump.

Daan Van Der Linden, frontside noseslide. (click to enlarge)