My favorite skate video of all-time is 1991's Blind Video Days directed by Spike Jonze. And Jason Lee's part in this video (which featured Milk's "The Knife Song" sung by Jeff Tremaine) happens to be my favorite video part of all-time as well. It was the perfect storm of skater, filmer, and song coming together at the right time to make the perfect video part in my eyes. As years passed, I started tripping out when I would revisit the video only to realize that Jason's part was a collision course of three future Hollywood success stories. Knowing that they had all been triumphant in the movie biz over the years—even Spike and Tremaine teaming up with the Jackass series—I decided to "skatenerd" out and actually track down just how much money this one video-part-trio made with their combined movie careers at the worldwide box office since Video Days. It's about the dough!—JAIME OWENS