CUT 2015 Rules & Regulation

2015 TWS Come Up Tour:
How the CUT works

The TransWorld SKATEboarding 'Come Up Tour' is a 6-stop amateur skate contest series that tours across the U.S in search of the best unsponsored skateboarders in key cities including Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Nashville, Milwaukee, Portland , and San Diego. More than just a one-off, run and done skate contest, the TWS C.U.T. Series gives you the chance to "Come Up!" In addition to a huge stack of product, the winners of each stop are given a month to film a video part that will be hosted on, where fans will vote for their favorite video over a 2-week period. The overall winner of the video contest will be named TWS C.U.T. Series Champion and will receive a "Check Out" in TransWorld Magazine!

Here are the details:
  • If you're under 18, you'll need your parent to sign the entry waiver. Click here to print the waiver and don't forget to bring it with you to the skatepark!
  • You can Pre-Register for the contest here. We have 75 spots open for Pre-Registration, and an additional 25 spots the morning of the contest.
  • On-Site Registration starts at 10 AM on the day of the contest, and is limited to the first 25 skaters, so get there early to make sure you get a spot.
  • Contest starts at Noon
  • Contest is jam format, 4 skaters to a heat. The best skaters will advance to semi-finals, then finals.
  • There are no age groups or skill groups, the playing field is even for everyone.
  • Top 3 skaters of the day are awarded prize packages including decks, trucks, wheels, clothing, and more!
  • The winner of the contest will get roughly 30 days to film a video part that will be posted on and voted on for the chance to claim the title of “TWS C.U.T. Series Champion” and a Check Out in the mag.
That’s it!  Get ready to rip it with TransWorld in your town, and show our crew that you’re good enough and ready to Come Up!

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