10 YouTube Random Gems

What to do on a lazy Friday afternoon but spelunk the nefarious YouTube for video parts we haven’t seen in a while. Some of these may be new to you young cats so consider this your homework assignment for the weekend. Best to check these out early and often, then—it is possible that some funcrusher could come around and wrinkle his nose at us pointing you all to a commercial for his company’s product. And in no particular order:

1. Guy Mariano in Mouse. This is the one people always mention in their Top 5s. Doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, this one’s an inspiration.

2. Matt Hensley in Hokus Pokus. An H-Street video from the late 80s. Everyone from Mike Carroll to Jason Dill will admit this influenced the shit outta them. Hopefully you young’ns will understand that pretty much everything in this part had never been done before. Keep your eves peeled for cameos from Sal Barbier, Donger, and John Reeves among others.

3. Huf in Penal Code. I was trying to find the emotional intro to Penal Code but couldn’t. So here’s Huf’s amazing part instead. Mad pop, mad style!

4. Gino in Snuff. And the world was introduced to Gino Iannucci and Wu-Tang Clan in one mind-melting video part—1993 to be exact.

5. Tom Penny, Life In The Fast Lane. TSA Clothing’s sole skate video featured amazing parts from Tom, Muska, and Smolik to name just a few. Here’s Tom’s groundbreaking part, but then again, everything Tom did was groundbreaking.

6. Boulala in Baker Bootleg. Before Baker really came about, J. Strickland put together a bunch of random footage he had of Birdhouse and Flip ams (Reynolds, Greco, Sumner, Boulala, etc.) and made this VHS only video. It’s set the standard for the way Baker still films and edits their vids. Amid libeling footage that had to be later edited out, Ali Boulala’s part from this late 90s masterpiece is pure skate hijinks. There’s xxx versions of this video out there somewhere.

7. Lennie Kirk in Timecode. What more can be said about this screwball? After five years in the joint, Lennie is now a free man and pursuing a dream of being a UFC fighter. He was last seen in Southern California. No matter what he goes on to achieve in his life, he’ll always have this edge-of-your-seat, preaching the word, ender video part for the Alien Workshop.

8. PJ Ladd in Wonderful Horrible Life. One of the better parts to watch before you go skate. Though we’ll never do anything close to the stunning lines in this part, we can all aspire to PJ’s speed and cleanliness.

9. The Gonz in Kicked Out Of Everywhere. Is it really possible to have a favorite Gonz part? Did he even really have parts? Or was he just captured on film from time to time? It’s all timeless.

10. Lucas Puig in Bon Appetite. The buttery young Frenchie that made a big splash in America. Sounds like the slogan for some animated Disney movie starring mice.