10th Annual Texas Skate Jam

Almost 80,000 dollars was raised for the Make A Wish Foundation at the 10th annual Texas Skate Jam in Houston on Saturday. In the ten years Southshore Distribution has been putting on the contest/fundraiser, this one-day event is by far the most money ever raised. And with skaters like Kenny Anderson, Steve Nesser, Torey Pudwill and Mike Peterson ripping apart the South Side skatepark the entire day and other legends like Jamie Thomas, Zered Bassett, and Kris Markovich signing autographs in the set-up tents, a ticket to this contest is the best donation you’ll ever make.

As the skating went down, the South Side Skatepark felt like a sardine can—a sardine can the full of 1,000 frantic little fishes. With crazed kids crowding the course and within reaching distance from their favorite pros, the screams and “Oh my Gods, were bouncing off the walls all day. Even the filmers, and the few who attempted to take photos, had to fight and barge their way through a pack of salivating skate rats to get the coverage to make those salivating skate rats salivate even more (check the video).

The contest, which runs in multiple 30 minute jam sessions, gives out a number of awards, including bests team—taken by Crimson—and best tricks on the bowl, the vert wall, and the Zumiez couch (which is a double sided ledge set off a bank—again, check the video). But any and all prize money won goes right back into the cause giving the skaters who partied too hard the night before, some good karma, which always comes in handy on a long flight home.

With no timed individual runs and the “it’s for a good cause attitude releasing the regular contest pressure, the true talent of so many shined through. Young guns, Vince Del Valle of Crimson, Torey Pudwill of Alien, and Alex Olson of Girl, rolled through the park with such ease while banging away at each obstacle. There’s the up-and-comers on their way up the skateboard ladder and on Saturday these three dudes proved their next in line.

This year, many sponsors including Adio, Zoo York, Zumiez, and TransWorld, steeped up their donations and made this the easily biggest donation the Texas Skate Jam has ever given to the Make A Wish Foundation. Thanks to all that participated, attended, donated, and sponsored. Next year will be even bigger and better.—Ben Kelly


The Bowl:

1st Chad Knight
2nd Mike Peterson
3rd Ben Rayborn

Street Course Bank-To-Wall Best Trick:

1st Kenny Anderson
2nd Mike Peterson
3rd Steve Nesser

Zumiez Couch Best Trick:

1st Torey Pudwill
2nd Matt Miller
3rd Sierra Fellers

Am Of The Day:

Alex Olson

Pro Of The Day:

Mike Peterson

Top Team: