Because bigger isn’t always better and the dudes at sml. Wheels know this! They’ve got everything from coffee cruisers to Austyn Gillette signature models to sunglasses and more! This is a good one. If you’re in need of some wheels, look no further. Sign up below! See what else is coming in our 12 Days of Giving.

What you’ll get:
Cafe wheels
Coffee Cruiser wheels
Signs, Austyn Gillette signature wheels
Highland Park sunglasses
VX1000 wax

Small Wheels, also known as SML. Wheels was created by lifelong skateboarders who were friends long before business partners. Small is entirely owned and operated by everyday skateboarders including frontman James Craig and Austyn Gillette. Small is about keeping it fun, simple and top notch. Small isn’t concerned with dominating the world, they just want to make quality wheels that skateboarders can ride with pride.

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