12 Days Of Giveaway: Designed And Signed Brian Anderson Girl Decks

WINNERS UPDATE (SEP 20): The contest is over and all the winners have been chosen. See below if you’re one of them, however you should’ve been emailed by now if you won.

DAY 1, Rick McCrank: Edward Centeno
DAY 2, Jeron Wilson: David Newbrough
DAY 3, Mike Carroll: Mick
DAY 4, Rick Howard: Tim
DAY 5, Guy Mariano: Mark Joaquin
DAY 6, Sean Malto: Joshua B
DAY 8, Mike Mo: Ario M
DAY 9, Cory Kennedy: Grady Hayes
DAY 10, Alex Olson: Pierre Z
DAY 11 and 12, Jason K: Eric Koston and Brian Anderson

Did you see our Product Of The Month in the October Issue? This new BA OG board series by Girl, with handpainted graphics by Brian Anderson, was an easy choice. And if you looked closely in the mag, or read the fine print, you’d realize we had BA sign each and every one for us. So this week, starting September 8, and into the next, we’ll be giving away one of these boards every day.

How to win? Each day, starting Sep 8, we’ll be Tweeting and Facebooking on our Fan Page what board is up for grabs. Wait for the daily updates, follow to the link back to this post, and leave a comment with the pro’s name and why you should win that board. Make sure to sign in with a legit e-mail address too. We’ll announce the winner in the next days giveaway and continue on for the next 12 days.

Got it? So we’re sure we’ll see you soon, or sometime in the next 12 days. But go ahead and read the write up from the mag while you’re waiting.ba-girl-boards

Product Of The Month
BA’s OGs
By Girl

Where will Brian Anderson be in four years? After reading a recent interview, it looks like he might be doing more of exactly what you're looking at right now. His next move is into design, and this new boards series from Girl, hand-painted by BA, is just a sign of more to come. "Basically, I want to skate for like four more years, I hope," he said in his interview on the CCS website. "I'm trying to slowly move into the design world, and New York is a good place to do it. I am so stoked." Yeah, after 10 years in SF, he'll also be moving to NY. Soon one of the best tre flips in the game will be meeting the streets of one of the best places in the world. Get ready.

But for those of you wondering how the series for this month's Product Of The Month came about, it was really quite simple: Brian already had the paintbrush in hand, Girl just provided the canvas. "Brian had been getting more and more involved in graphics. I knew he'd been painting a bunch, so we had the idea of him hand-painting some graphics," Girl TM Sam Smyth said. "We sent him a huge canvas with board shapes traced on them and some cash for supplies. The rest was entirely him. We didn’t ask for anything specific. He just went for it." Seems like BA has always just gone for it, never giving a shit about what anyone thinks. And that's just one of the reasons he'll always be one of our all-time favorites. Add the BA's OGs boards series to that same list.