Nobody wants swans-a-swimming or geese-a-laying, but we damn sure know you can use some new desktop wallpaper this time of year. We mined the Wednesday Wallpapers of 2011 and brought you our 12 favorites. So decorate your computer with a classic, stuff one in your stocking, or wrap one under the tree for your Mom. We put a poll on the last page for you to let us know which on is your favorite.

Josh Kalis, switch crooked grind. Photo: BLABAC

Theotis Beasley, backside double kickflip. Photo: BARTON

Ben Gore, nosegrind pop out. Photo: CHAMI

Nick Trapasso, backside Smith grind. Photo: TRINH

Stefan Janoski, switch kickflip. Photo: TRINH

Nick Boserio, frontside crooked grind. Photo: TRINH

Lucas Puig, switch ollie. Photo: SKIN

Jason Dill, ollie. Photo: O’MEALLY

Andrew Reynolds, varial heelflip. Photo: BARTON

Yaje Popson, frontside feeble grind. Photo: MULLER

Mark Suciu, gap to frontside boardslide, pop out to fakie. Photo: CHAMI

Nestor Judkins, backside tailslide. Photo: CHAMI

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