15 Sightings from Chami’s Hard Drive

Cairo Foster hits this rail from the back for a lipslide ride.

The Berkeley banks cop a sweet lein to tailslide from Mr. Caswell Berry.

The backflip was lunacy (March 2010 issue) but Chris Jatoft’s stalefish ain’t playing either.

You’d never know he is injured half of the year, Corey Duffel flies out to crooked grind.

Emanuel Guzman
When Buena was going, Emmanuel Guzman was juicing it, frontside air in the corner.

Jimmy Cao
City boy Jimmy Cao pounces on switch heels.

Jon Goemann rides a roller coaster boardslide in Oz.

Lem Villemin
Lem Villemin eats double sets, nollie heelflip.

Matt Miller
Matt Miller keeps the Embarcadero flame lit with a tall back Smith.

Paul Trep kept the Bay Area on it’s toes for a minute, back Smith at Daryl’s spot.

Silas Baxter Neal
Silas Baxter Neal’s nosegrind took the cake, but it was all skill to bring this lipslide back into the bank without deck checking.

Taylor Bingaman
He had ’em on lock, so I made him do 10 of them, Taylor Bingaman owns nosegrinds.

Taylor Mc Clung
Keep your eyes peeled for this kid, Taylor McClung holds a curvy frontside bluntslide.

Tony Manfre
Tony Manfre boosts a tidy frontside flip in the hood.

Zach Wallin
Zach Wallin pivoted this wall for his TWS Check Out (March 2010 issue) and nospicked it for the hell of it.