1999 Readers’ Poll

Time flies.

And nowhere does it fly faster or under less control than in the wild, wild world of skateboarding, home of the two-week career, where if you oversleep one morning, you miss out on an epoch of the sport’s history … like retractable-leg pants.

Or street luge.

Strange clothing trends and buttboarding aside, ’99 was a busy year. Tony Hawk pulled the 900 during the X-Games and ESPN took the liberty of airing it 2,192 times over the course of a month. Foreigners like Arto Saari, Rick McCrank, and Bob Burnquist began to loosen the figure-four leg lock Americans have historically held on winning skate contests. NBC’s X-Games knock-off, the Gravity Games, finally brought buttboarding to network television. Videos like CYK, The Chocolate Tour, The Storm, Rodney Vs. Daewon 2, and Misled Youth occupied hundreds of hours that would have otherwise been wasted on meaningless self improvement.

Interestingly, 1999 was also the year skateboarding’s pimps officially sold it to an even shadier bunch of hustlers by the names of Slim Jim, the armed forces, Pepsi, Gatorade, NBC, Gillette, and a dozen other multi-billion-dollar corporations that finally realized skateboarding’s potential to spiritually awaken the new generation … and sell them some “meat snacks” while they’re at it.

It has actually been a great year for skateboarding, with lots of pros making money, and more amazing skateboarding than you could shake a meat wand at. So, now that you’re in a nostalgic mood about skateboarding in 1999, it’s the perfect time for you to vote in the 1999 TransWorld SKATEboarding Readers’ Poll.

Hey, you know how you’re super opinionated about everything, and how you’re always right? Well, here’s your chance to make that opinion heard. Open a Pepsi, turn on ER, join the Navy, and get ready to vote. It’s you who determines the winners. We swear! That is, unless you choose some street luger for Best Street Skater, then we’d have to interfere. But you wouldn’t do that. Gatorade might think you’re a bunch of thirsty sheep, but we know you aren’t stupid!

So what are you waiting for?

Just keep in mind that regardless of how fast-paced the world may seem, it’s your duty as a citizen of the skateboard world to take an occasional break from the madness, step away from the TV, and see through the thick fog of bullshit.

And vote.

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