1999 TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards

Quicktime Acceptance Speeches

Brian Anderson

Chad Muska

Tony Hawk

Pat Channita

Jason Ellis

Andy Mac

Bob Burnquist

Subtle chaos is probably the best way to describe it. Los Angeles’ El Rey theater, site of many festive skateboard video premieres and parties, once again welcomed our culture’s most enthusiastic imbibers and socialites. But more than just an occasion to drink and mingle, this event was designed to bring focus to and bestow honors on a few individuals among us who inspire us with their craft. So the 700 who managed to get in took it upon themselves to both drink themselves into oblivion while simultaneously aiming one hand at the other when someone won something. It didn’t really matter who or what, so long as they had enough drink tickets.

The TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards honored winners of the TWS Readers Poll and Riders Poll in various categories, plus top finishers in last year’s contests. The Readers Poll was voted by skaters who mailed ballots from TWS, and the Riders Poll winners were voted by the pros themselves. Some of the differences between Readers Poll and Riders Poll winners proved interesting, and illustrate the differences in perspective between pros and the general skateboarding population.

World Cup Skateboarding, organizers of most major skateboarding contests, also presented awards to top finishers in last year’s contest series. Rather than accumulate points and give the advantage to those who simply enter more contests than anyone else, WCS’s Don and Danielle Bostick took each skater’s top six placings in either street or vert from 1999 to determine who most consistently placed well. To determine the overall winner, WCS added skaters’ top-six street placings to their top-six vert placings. This system allows skaters who rode in more than six contests to use only their best six scores. Those who skated in less than six contests were clearly at a disadvantage. But no one contested the results, and The Brigade’s Andy Macdonald (Vert Most Points and Overall Most Points) and Pat Channita (Street Most Points) walked away with all three awards.

With three bars to serve the thirsty and chatty crowd, it didn’t help that the ceremony got started an hour late. And it certainly didn’t help many of the winners to articulate their joy as they sauntered and stumbled up on stage to make their acceptance speeches.

Hosted by TransWorld SKATEboarding Editor Dave Swift, the awards portion of the evening featured various presenters who introduced the various winners in the further varying categories. After Don Bostick congratulated WCS winners Channita and Macdonald, Jason Ellis and Colin McKay teamed up to present the Readers Poll awards, a task slightly complicated by a persistent and inebriated Bill Weiss who hovered about the podium most of the evening, despite Ellis’ plea for security to remove him.

Most of the recipients had a few words to say, sponsors, friends, and family to thank, and despite the havoc that freely migrated from the bar areas to the stage and back, they had their few minutes of adoration before their peers. In the case of Shorty’s, who won the Readers Poll Best Team, the stage was descended upon by the posse from hell, a scene culminating with Muska diving over and destroying the podium. When Peter Smolik was laterr announced as the winner of the Readers Poll Best Style award, the propped-up podium came down once again. The Osiris team had set the tone for things to come after they mobbed the mic to accept the Readers Poll Best Video, and the stage soon became a grandstand for every drunken exhibitionist in the crowd.

The Riders Poll awards were presented by Sal Barbier, who insisted that Jeff Jones, an obscure vert skater from the 80s, should have won every category. But the true champ this evening was Bob Burnquist, who was nominated in four categories and won two of them. Perhaps the most enthusiastic response came when Tony Hawk was awarded the Readers Poll Best Vert award. Despite his broad commercial exposure, Hawk remains an inspiration among his peers.

When the awards were delivered, TransWorld premiered its new video, Modus Operandi, the latest release from Ty Evans and Jon Holland. The pair had just won the Riders Poll Best Video for their work on The Reason. Modus Operandi features parts by Brian Anderson, Chany Jeanguenin, Mike Carroll and Marc Johnson, with appearances by Brad Staba, Chris Lambert, Stephane Larance, Rick Howard, and Scott Johnston. As has become their style, the video is the result of creative collaboration with each of the skaters, and blends seamlessly the different styles and personalities of these individuals.

When the event finally wrapped up, a few bodies had to be lifted from the floor and carried home–or off to one of the many after-show parties. It was Don Bostick who put it best in his introduction to the WCS awards when he paused to appreciate the fact that such a large and diverse group of skateboarding’s most influential pros and industrialists had come together to honor a few individuals. It wasn’t a contest, and it wasn’t a trade show where everyone competes, negotiates, or what have you. It was just a bunch of friends having a good time and enjoying each other’s company.


1999 TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards Results

Best Video Part

Readers: Jamie Thomas, Misled Youth
(runners up: Rodney Mullen–Rodney Vs. Daewon Part II, Stevie Williams–The Chocolate Tour)

Riders: Jamie Thomas, Misled Youth
(runners up: Daewon Song–Rodney Vs. Daewon Part II, Stevie Williams–The Chocolate Tour)

+ + + + +

Best Video

Readers: Osiris, The Storm
(runners up: Zero–Misled Youth, A-Team/Decca–Rodney Vs. Daewon Part II)

Riders: TransWorld SKATEboarding, The Reason
(runners up: Zero–Misled Youth, Chocolate–The Chocolate Tour)

+ + + + +

Best Team

Readers: Shorty’s
(runners up: A-Team, Girl)

Riders: Girl
(runners up: Birdhouse, Element)

+ + + + +

Best All-Around

Readers: Bob Burnquist
(runners up: Donny Barley, Andy Macdonald)

Riders: Heath Kirchart
(runners up: Bob Burnquist, Colin McKay)

+ + + + +

Best Vert

Readers: Tony Hawk
(runners up: Bob Burnquist, Colin McKay)

Riders: Bob Burnquist
(runners up: Tony Hawk, Colin McKay)

+ + + + +

Best Style

Readers: Peter Smolik
(runners up: Eric Koston, Rick McCrank)

Riders: Donny Barley
(runners up: Eric Koston, Brian Anderson)

+ + + + +

Best Street

Readers: Rick McCrank
(runners up: Chad Muska, Jamie Thomas)

Riders: Brian Anderson
(runners up: Eric Koston, Rick McCrank)