20 Questions Chet Childress

1. For the record, state your full name.

Chet Crooked Harrison Chalba Childress.

2. Age?

Old enough to not eat corn bread but not choke.

3. What color are your eyes?


4. Where did the glasses go?

Lasik surgery—the best three-grand I ever spent.

5. Favorite drink?

Southern Comfort on the rocks—put some south in your mouth.

6. Who’re your sponsors?

Six Gun, Nike, 1984, Independent, Smith, NC Skates, and Old Scratch.

7. What’s Six Gun?

It’s a sub-brand of Black Label. Jason Adams is the CEO, and I’m the vice president.

8. So Jason Adams is your boss?

In some ways, but more importantly, he’s my bro. He knows how I operate, and he can handle all my crooked problems—B.M.C., yo!

9. Nike, what’s up with that?

I’m blown away. At first I was skeptical about riding for someone so big and corporate. But the fact that they sponsor me, some scumbag skateboarder, shows they have class.

10. Nike’s down for you?

Hell yeah, Nike’s down for me and every other skateboarder out there. All they want to do is have respect in the skateboard world. Dunks, take ’em out the box and rip!

11. What motivates you?

Rock ‘n’ roll, Lil’ Gun, art, family, and derelict bike rides.

12. In your art you draw a lot of beer cans, why?

It’s a series of sketchy-ass drawings of beer cans. I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. It’s a phase. Right now I’m working on some boards for Six Gun.

13. Why do you love North Carolina?

North Carolina’s awesome. I enjoy living in Wilmington because of the beach, historic downtown Wilmington, good friends, and some bitchen’ (skate) spots.

14. So you listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd a lot. What song do you like the most?

All of them. I can relate to every Skynyrd lyric. But I’m in to all kinds of music. Mostly old rock and roll, like Motörhead, AC/DC, The Sonics, The Stooges, The Needles, and old reggae.

15. What was the last live show you saw?

Ol’ Dirty Bastard straight out of the pen—live in New York City.

16. What is your all-time favorite skate spot?

Northwest America in the summer.

17. What are your plans after skateboarding?

I have no clue. Might score some corporate job—shit, maybe not. I might end up working at some Go-Go Mart slinging hot dogs. But it doesn’t matter, because the last seven years have been a picnic. I’ve skated and partied all over the world for free. And I’ve educated myself. I’ve done more in these seven years than most people do in their lives.

18. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned being on the road?

To treat people like you want to be treated. I’ve learned patience, what’s important in life, how good we really have it, and how janky the government is.

19. Are you a registered voter?

No, I don’t care to be. I don’t care about politics. I can’t personally change anything. I’m too lazy.

20. Any last words?

Live it up while you can, run down to your local skate shop and buy my board so I can put some cheese on my burger.