200 Troubled Teenagers

MAY 31,2007

Its nice when there’s an event only three blocks away from home—especially when an open bar is involved. I walked down to the Standard hotel in downtown L.A. to go check out the “200 troubled teenagers” show featuring the works of Angela Boatwright and Patrick O’dell last night. It was a pretty good show. The work made me feel like i was at a skate demo looking inside out at all the kids and their “unique” sense of style. It was also cool because Angela and Patrick mixed their work together so you couldnt really tell whose piece it was. The mix worked great together, two worlds, same station. God bless the youth of America and their Iron Maiden T-shirts. It was a pretty fun evening—all the homeys were out enjoying the art and free booze. After thinking about it, even the crowd went with the work. It was as if the room was collaborated into one crazy Gus Van Sant movie. After the event, everybody went over to the Cha Cha lounge so they can wait a long time for Dave the bartender to serve the crowd even more booze. I decided to pass on the afterparty because I woke up that morning at 5 a.m. to puke for 3 hours because I ate a bad hard boiled egg. Too tired to party, I walked back home and watched highlights from the best game Lebron James has played in his NBA career. Kobe’s a bitch.—Yoon Sul

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